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In average I don't do more than one entire maternity care in three weeks. This is mainly because I want to offer you a reasonable assurance that I will be able to personally assist you and not one of my,otherwise excellent, colleagues. I work as an independent maternity nurse but have a good cooperation with other independent maternity nurses in the region.

This offers several advantages:

· In the unlikely event that I get sick, I can provide an alternative maternity care nurse.

· If you and another family deliver your babies in the same week, I will sent one of my colleagues if necessary.


Maternity Care from an independent maternity care nurse is unique!

My name is Maria Burgers.

As a child I wanted to become a nurse in a third world country. I therefore went to the secondary and higher vocational in nursing. Everything about breastfeeding I have always found the most compelling of all I did and so since 1999 I work as an independent maternity care nurse in the field.

In this setting, I have an excellent time and opportunity to guide the new mother and child with the breastfeeding. In most cases I see that mother and child are well able to enjoy the breastfeeding at the end of the maternity care period. Furthermore, for me it is always a great challenge to have a family enjoy a relaxing maternity care week. Therefore I do this work with great pleasure.

I am registered in the quality register of the Dutch Association for Maternity Care assistants (NBvK) and I am also in the possession of the quality label for independent maternity care nurses.This certification sets strict requirements in terms of training and competence.


Karveel 21

1423 BP Uithoorn

Telephone: 06-212.838.05




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