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I will personally guide you from the moment you sign up. Well before the birth I will meet you and your 
family and discuss your needs and personal 
circumstances. When choosing a home birth I or a colleague maternity care nurse provide childbirth assistance and then I stay the whole week for maternity care.
When you have delivered the baby in the hospital I will come to your home when you come back from the hospital.

You are guaranteed all the hours you are entitled to from your insurance company (49 hours for breastfeeding and bottle feeding at 45 hours), devided in 7 or 8 days. If necessary, you can get extended maternity care, on the 9th and 10th day after the birth of you baby.

You will have no other maternity care nurse during the full period you have maternity care (max. of 10 days).
Even if you are eligible through your policy for extra hours luxury maternity care.


On this site you can find information about me and my method. Read references how other families have experienced my care in the menu under ´References´. For more information or a personal conversation you can always call or email me.

Discover the power of an independent maternity care nurse!

Maternity Care from an independent maternity care nurse is unique!

Are you pregnant? Congratulations!

One of the things you will soon organize is the maternity care.
A maternity care nurse who  soon,  after the baby is born, will come at your home for 7 of 8 days to help and assist.
A very special  time that I can form to your personal wishes. I would like, together with the midwives and colleagues, to help you make your maternity care week a nice, relaxing and precious time.

As an experienced, independent and 
flexible maternity care nurse I work 
mostly in the region Uithoorn, 
Aalsmeer and Amstelveen.
I work as an independent maternity care nurse also in the greater region from Amsterdam, Utrecht to The Hague.

Contrary to what many people think, you have the free choice of maternity care and thus the ability to choose your maternity care nurse, fully reimbursed by your health insurance!

Maternity care is meant to give mother and child a good start in a very special period in your life.


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1423 BP Uithoorn

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