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massage during pregnancy and during the postnatale period

pregnancy massage, massage after birth and babymassage

pregnancy massage and babymassage

Smoking, alcohol and nutrition

alcohol use 
information on the consequenses of alcohol usage during pregnancy

quit smoking 
information about smoking during pregnancy, consequenses of smoking, help with quiting.

information on nutrition and pregnancy


mothers fot mothers 
help other women get pregnant


startpage related to childcare

teenage mothers 
for pregnant girls and teenage mothers

Fun echo

Cakes and cupcakes
Thé address for the best, most scrumptious, personal cakes and cupcakes for every occasion


For all occasions: marriage, pregnancy, birth, birthdays, fotoshoots 



Maternity Care from an independent maternity care nurse is unique!


information on breastfeeding from the breastfeeding centre Amsterdam

Samenwerkende Borstvoeding Organisaties
extensive information on breastfeeding

Stichting zorg voor borstvoeding 

Nederlandse vereniging van lactatiekundigen  

Breastfeeding organisation La Leche League

Vereniging natural breastfeeding



· partner 
Courses together with partner

· zwemmen 
swimming for pregnant women.

· bevallingspijn 
information about delivery pain and how to cope with it.

· informatie over in bad bevallen

· informatie over tienermoeders 
up-to-date information about teenage mothers

· informatie over zwangerschap en bevalling 

Pregnancy Courses (o.a fast course) (individual lessons)