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When you sign up, preferably from the 8th week of your pregnancy, chances are greatest that I can honor your wish to receive maternity care from Maria Burgers Kraamzorg. You can apply under the heading Contact.


Around the 32nd week of pregnancy, or if desired before that, I personally come to your home to meet you and inquire about your needs and circumstances surrounding the birth and the postpartum period. In consultation much is possible; every family has its own requirements. I want to meet your needs as much as possible, also taking into account my own capabilities.

I think it is important that soon, you and your family will be able to look back on an instructive and valuable maternity care week end feel equipped. Therefore, I offer the maximum care that is indicated, and this way there will also be time to enjoy all the fun around the maternity care period. The hours are determined according to the National Indication Protocol (LIP).

At present, the formula for basic care 45 hours and 49 hours for breastfeeding. These hours are spread over seven or eight days. If necessary, the number of care hours, in consultation with the midwife, the care can be adjusted or, if necessary, 2 extra days longer, a 9th and 10th days. During these days you get no change in maternity care. Even when you in your supplementary insurance are eligible for an extra hour luxury maternity care! You are guaranteed the number of hours, according to your insurance!



Maternity Care from an independent maternity care nurse is unique!

What can you expect?

Maternity care is meant to give mother and child a good start in a very special period in your life. The postpartum period is not only to recover, but also to enjoy the baby and get used to the new family situation. My task is especially intensive guidance and care of mother and child.

The first days I will do much of the care of your baby and you and the rest of the family, so you can stay in bed and recover. I will bring the baby to you for the feedings, I change and bath the baby. I do this, preferably, in your bedroom so you can enjoy and experience everything from your bed.

Usually I first teach your partner to change diapers, measure the baby's temperature, warm jars and show how the baby should be put to bed. If you're breastfeeding, I will teach you how you can put the baby to the breast. When you are ready I teach you everything about the taking care of your baby and progressively have you and your partner take care of your baby more and more. Also, any older children will be involved in the care of and getting used to the new baby. It is also my job to monitor the health of mother and child well and I'm your new source of information in this awkward period.

I will also some household and family care responsibilities such as taking care of me taking a freshly washed clean bed, taking care of the laundry and lunch and cleaning thebathroom. With everything I've mentioned above is always on your own needs come first.

The most important thing is that you and your family feel comfortable and relaxed!


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